Look amazing, feel great!

    Style advice, color analysis, styling, stylist…
    At least once a day, one of these words knock on your door. Unfortunately, many of us do not take the risk to open this door.

    If you let Styling Yaelle in, a completely new world will open up to you.

    You will get to know a world of color. By means of a thorough color analysis, Styling Yaelle helps you to get a clear view on your personal shades. If you accentuate your natural beauty, you inner charisma will shine.
    A world of style reveals itself to you. Thanks to a style analysis by Styling Yaelle, you learn how to show the best of yourself. It goes without saying that you also learn how to camouflage certain characteristics you like less.

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    For a workshop (minimum of 5 people) with a ‘quick scan’ or for a complete personal color advice and style analysis, you are welcome in Bruges at Styling Yaelle. For an appointment about color advice or style analysis, please mail or call Annick at +32 474 53 34 70.